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Behavioral Health

Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Services

Need to talk? Has there been a significant event in your life, such as a loss of a loved one or a break-up? Need to work through your feelings of depression, anxiety, or deal with substance misuse or addiction?

As a current patient receiving medical care at PHNTX, you have access to behavioral healthcare services. The behavioral healthcare team is made up of counselors and specialists in psychiatry who work as part of your HIV medical team.

The team strives to provide care, services, and support with acceptance, helping people to face challenges without shame and promoting wellness through the strengthening of mind and body.

The integrated behavioral health team recognizes that a “one size fits all” model is not effective in addressing treatment and support for mental health and/or substance misuse concerns. As a patient, you have access to a variety of services tailored to meet your individual needs.

Services include:

  • Mental health and substance misuse assessment
  • Individual, group, and walk-in counseling
  • Psychiatric medication evaluation and ongoing medication management
  • Linkage to substance misuse treatment
  • Recovery support services
  • Crisis management
  • Care coordination

To access behavioral healthcare services or for more information, ask your PHNTX case manager, medical provider, or health center behavioral health counselor.